Come Sesh With Us

Compassesh, LLC is a monthly event which celebrates cannabis culture. Proudly hosted by Angela Mazzanti, Compassesh (Compassionate Sesh) truly cares about the attendee.

Unhappy with his experience as both an attendee and exhibitor at comparable marijuana events, producer Dan Rocha set out to create a unique professional experience that was truly about catering to the often overlooked people of our community – the patients. Inspired by his sense of dissatisfaction on the patients’ behalf, Dan set out to bring what was missing to marijuana events – compassion, a moral compass, and the camaraderie of a good old-fashioned sesh among like-minded caring people – and together with a team of hard-working volunteers, Compassesh was born.

So what makes Compassesh different?
– Our event is free for patients.
– Our focus is on the patient experience.
– Our sense of humanity is the primary driving force behind what we do, not profit.

We also offer interactive games, competitions, prizes, live art exhibits, free samples, ample seating and more.

And we don’t just limit ourselves to the cannabis community.  The Compassesh Family was able to bring in both canned food and monetary donations to local Food Banks during the holiday months and kid’s shoes at our most recent events. We’re committed to extending our dedication to compassion while celebrating our culture.

Join us for the next sesh. Find out why you’ll want to be a part of our family!

“My first sesh ever – Compassesh was off the hook with all the games, free meds, and great fam to sesh with. Best night ever and planning on it again every month in 2016!”

Mindy H.

“Their compassion is contagious! Since attending their event it’s motivated me to share more compassion and be more comfortable talking about the healing power of this beautiful plant. They are the true meaning of compassion.”

Roxanne R

“Shout out to the Compassesh family and all the compassionate people who have been coming out to these events. I’m really stoked to blow glass with you guys. I love to work with a great crowd and can’t wait to share the love again in 2016!”

Melting Devin
12/17 | LA, CA

Practice Compassion

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” – Dalai Lama

“L.A’s dopest weed party” – The Kind